Gucci Bags – Fake vs. Legit

Gifts need not be necessarily the regular make-up sets or pens or photo frames; you can actually make the gifting options interesting by gifting your friend with a handbag or a wallet. Of course, this is not a very uncommon option; there are people who do this and this is, in fact, a very useful and interesting idea. And that too when it comes to a girl or women, this is definitely a good idea. There can be no woman who says a no to handbags or sandals; instead, it would only excite and elate them. And that too if they are branded, it is even more ecstatic.

I believe in going for branded products and I know that Gucci bags are a good option to use as well a good gifting option. In fact, I feel Gucci bags, the perfect gift from me to me. But the last time I went for one as a gift for my friend`s birthday, I was informed that there were damages in the handbag and that it tore off very soon which is generally not the case with them. Gucci bags are known for their quality, durability, and resilience. But when I got to know this, I was shocked and was taken aback. But when inspected, we found out from the leather quality, logo and the brand name that it was not the original from the brand`s hands but the exact duplicate of the original. Oops, I never ever dreamt of a duplicate for this popular brand. But consumers, please be informed that the market consists of such defrauding sellers too and it is a caution for all the end users to be open-eyed and to be very watchful and vigilant while buying such products. These are some zones where there are many loopholes for the wily sellers and dealers and it is finally the customers who fall victim to their plans and pranks.